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Erbil Tour Guide

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Desenvolvedor: Dawand Sulaiman

This app is a guide to the city of Erbil, The capital city of Kurdistan Region in the north of Iraq. You can find most popular places in the oldest inhabited city (also known as Arbil and "Hawler" in Kurdish).

There are several categories you can choose from: Attractions - Hospitals - Hotels - Parks - Restaurants and Café - Shopping Malls - Religious - Educational and many more

Each place has a details page containing a summary about the place , a snapshot and contact details of that particular place.

This app tracks your location so you can see how close you are from the desired places on your map.

You can leave reviews for each place or you can simply add places to your favourites list.

This app can be enriched with your data. Please submit the missing places and once it is reviewed by us, we will add it to the app :)